My name is up there in big letters. I'm a gal of many hats, some of which I've knit myself. I've been a web developer with a focus on UX/UI design and front-end coding for over a decade, and before that, I majored in English. In high school, I sang and played piano for the choir. I have since traded my piano keyboard for a computer keyboard, and while I miss making music, I much prefer making websites. You'll still find me tickling the ivories when I have some spare time. I like to keep my skills fresh.

I've been a knitter for as long as I've been a web developer. I taught myself how to knit around the same time I taught myself how to code, and it helped me conceptualize code. Sweaters are knit row-by-row, and code runs line-by-line. There are patterns you can follow, but you can just as easily make something without one. You can even write your own patterns. As I leveled up my skills in both knitting and coding, I found myself more likely to come up with my own solutions rather than follow a pattern the whole way through. I enjoy the challenge and the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a complex project.